‘The Gurkha’ overlooking Coolmore Stud, Ireland. By Ripley - 2017


Private Preview.


Please view the full portrait of The Gurkha above. I have also shown suggested crops by taking away landscape from the left-hand side at appropriate points.


At the bottom of the page there is a video which shows further detail. 


The horse has been thoroughly 'groomed' in post-production, the only anatomical alteration, as was requested, is that he has had a minor tummy-tuck. For this I referenced the tummy-line of Galileo from the Coolmore Stud book, thus in proportion for a Stallion and with a minimal amount altered. 


The image is of exceptional clarity and scale. As a full-frame panoramic picture, I would suggest a minimum printed size (not inclusive of frame or boarder) of 20.6 x 53.4 inches (52.5 x 148cm) to a maximum size of around 36 x 101.5 inches (91.4 x 258 cm).  (though up to 1m x 2.8m could be possible). 


There are options for printing on archival paper or canvas, and framing glazed or unglazed (for discussion).


I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I have creating it.





Please note; phone and computer screens vary in brightness, contrast and colour. Please be assured that the printed image has beautiful shadow detail and tonal range.

 (the embedded video below should auto-play, if not then you may require a faster connection, I can send the video directly via WeTransfer on request).



To view a full-frame still image, please go here