• 'Racehorse in Times Square, New York'

‘Racehorse in Times Square, New York’ by Ripley - 2012 (r2017)

Playing with the perceived understanding of the genre by using an urban cityscape ‘Racehorse in Times Square, New York’ (also known as; ‘American Trilogy in Times Square, New York’) is one of Ripley’s first equine portraits. The horse was photographed at his training yard in Ditcheat, England in September 2012, and the street scene was captured a month later in New York.

With various connections between the horse and the city it seemed only apt to create an image there. By coincidence, Times Square and some of the surrounding streets had been closed off for the launch of a new consumer product and this enabled Ripley to compose background-plates in areas where it would have normally been impossible due to the traffic.

Within the picture Ripley has included subtle references to the horse in billboards and signposts, including a picture of him winning at the Cheltenham festival (UK).

The horse, whilst not being in a typical conformation pose, had a demeanour and attitude which worked beautifully with the New York street scene.

The portrait was completed in 2013, and revised again in early 2017. Unlike other works, the cityscape is constructed from a single picture.

The picture was first exhibited at The Jockey Club Rooms in Newmarket (UK) in July 2014, and later presented at The London Art Fair in January 2015.


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