‘Racehorse in an English Landscape’ - Ripley 2013


Work began on this picture in August 2013 in Somerset, England, where the thoroughbred was photographed at his training yard. The landscape, a view from Cubar Edge in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, was finalised by late January 2014 and the final portrait constructed throughout February/March that year.

As with other pieces the landscape is constructed from panoramas many pictures wide and many layers deep, with shifts of focus throughout the image (see; method).

In this picture, whilst all the elements are from the same area at more or less the same time, the foreground and background are in reality from quite seperate views. 


The portrait was first exhibited at The Jockey Club Rooms in Newmarket (UK) in July 2014. A solo exhibition entitled 'Ripley - The July Week Exhibition'. In October 2017 it was presented at The Munnings Art Museum where Ripley was invited as the speaker for the inaugural Munnings Birthday Lecture.






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